Verification levels explained

Your verification level determines what you can do with your Kraken account.

Where can I find my verification level?

This can be located by signing into your account, selecting your name in the upper right and then selecting Get Verified. You will then see highlighted your current (pending or verified) level. 

1US Only, excluding NY, TX, WA and overseas US Territories.

2Depending on your country of residence, you may or may not be able to deposit or withdraw crypto or cash regardless of verification level. See our support articles on Geographic Restrictions and Cash Funding Availability.

3Lifetime limit is $9,000.  

4An overview of eligibility criteria (including geographic restrictions) for On-chain staking can be found here.

5Opt-In Rewards requires you to be verified to an Intermediate level account and fulfill eligibility criteria (including geographic restrictions). 

8Depending on your country of residence, your account may not be eligible to trade on Kraken Futures. See our support articles on eligibility and restrictions for Kraken Futures.

9Availability of Parachain auctions is subject to certain limitations and eligibility criteria.