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Futures - quick guide


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Account setup



Getting started

Getting started

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Digital currencies

Site functionality

Multiple accounts

Account verification

Verification tiers explained

Getting your account verified on Kraken

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Trouble getting verified

Updating your account information

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Fiat currency funding

General information about fiat currency funding

Troubleshooting and restrictions

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United States (US) domestic wire transfers

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High limit USD funding

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) bank transfers

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EUR international bank transfers

Canadian Dollar (CAD) bank transfers

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Pound Sterling (GBP)

Digital assets/cryptocurrency funding

General information about digital assets funding

Depositing digital assets/cryptocurrency to your Kraken account

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Withdrawing digital assets/cryptocurrency from your Kraken account

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Specific information about certain digital assets/cryptocurrencies

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Security basics

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No phone support

Guides to setup Two-factor Authentication (2FA) on your Kraken account

Details on available Two-factor Authentication (2FA) options

The Global Settings Lock (GSL) and the Master Key

Email security

Receiving PGP/GPG encrypted emails

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Sending PGP/GPG encrypted emails

Login and signup trouble


Introduction to trading on Kraken

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Trading: basics

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Order options

Order types

Fees on trading

Trading with leverage and margin

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Terms and concepts used in leveraged and margin trading

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Trading: Errors & Troubleshooting


More resources

Futures - derivatives trading

Liquidity Provision

Futures Products

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Futures - technical references


Trading, Settlement, and Margining

Futures - API

General Specifications


REST API - Public

REST API - Private

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Websocket API - public

Websocket API - Private

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Additional Resources

Futures - risk, complaints and terms

Risk Disclosure

Terms and Conditions

Queries and Complaints


API basics

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Trading using the API

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Public WebSockets API

Advanced API usage

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REST API via Command Line

Account history

Export Requests

CSV Files

Ledger Data

Trade Data

Other resources

MtGox creditor information

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