Fiat currency deposit methods, fees, and minimums

Below is a summary of deposit methods, minimums, and fees.

The fees can change without notice, and are not always current. Please login to your Kraken account to see the most current fee information listed on each deposit page.

Currency Deposit method Deposit minimum Deposit fee
USD US domestic FedWire/ACH transfer 20 USD  5 USD
USD High Limit international wire transfer 50,000 USD  5 USD
EUR SEPA bank transfer 1 EUR Free
EUR International wire transfer  50 EUR 5 EUR

Canada domestic wire transfer

 125 CAD * Free*

CanadaPost In-person cash/debit

20 CAD 1.25 CAD + 0.25%


Why does Kraken charge deposit fees? 

The payments partners that we work with charge us fees for deposits in fiat currencies we support, and those are the fees listed above.

Are there any other fees?

Your bank may charge you fees for sending the deposit to our payments partners.

Intermediary or correspondent banks (banks between your bank and our bank that processes the transaction in transit) may also charge fees or convert the transaction to a different currency en route (if sending Euros from outside of Europe, for example). These fees are on the account of the sender and the responsibility of the sending bank.

Minimum for Canadian Dollar Deposits:

The actual minimum is 100 CAD, but we recommend sending a minimum amount of 125 CAD in case any wire fees are applied to the deposit by intermediary banks. Any bank that handles CAD funds can apply fees at their discretion. Banking/wire fees of approximately $10 may apply.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Names must match on your bank account and Kraken account.
  • Deposit limits will depend on your verification level.
  • Deposit processing times range from 1 to 2 business days, depending on the method.
  • We cannot accept deposits in cash, credit or debit cards, or from some third-party payments processors.
  • Although CAD wire processing is typically 1-2 business days, please allow up to 5 business days for your funds to settle. This is due to traditional processing speed outside of Kraken’s control.

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