Connecting your Kraken account to Kraken Pro

The Kraken Pro web interface offers an alternative way for placing, tracking and managing orders on your Kraken account. To start using the Kraken Pro interface and all of its features, you first need to connect it to your Kraken account. There are two different ways to accomplish this, which are both described below.

Accessing the trade interface

There are two ways to access the trade interface so you can start trading.

1. From click “Connect” - you will be directed to where you will enter your Kraken login credentials


Press the Connect button on Kraken Pro to start trading

(Important: please note that this logs you in to your account at and logging out from the new trade platform will NOT log you out from - you must navigate to separately and log out if you do not wish to be logged in)

2. OR You can log in to your account at and navigate to Trade > New Order > New Charting & Trading Tools


New Charting & Trading Tools” link as displayed on the New Order form

Your session will expire after 15 minutes if you close the window or disconnect from the internet.