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Debit or credit card purchases with Visa and Mastercard
You can instantly purchase a range of cryptocurrencies using your Visa and Mastercard.
Withdrawal hold
As a security precaution, withdrawals in any currency of up to 100% of your first debit or credit card purchase will be locked for 72 hours. This means that if your first debit or credit card purchase was $1,000, you will not be able to withdraw the equivalent of $1,000 in either cash or crypto for the following 72 hours. Additional debit or credit card purchases made during this 72 hours will also be locked for the remainder of the 72 hours. 
For enhanced security, debit and credit card purchases using USD may experience the 72 hour lock discussed above on all purchases, not just your first purchase.
  • Your Kraken account must be verified to the Intermediate or Pro level, with residence in a supported region.
  • You must hold a valid Visa or Mastercard in the same legal name as your Kraken account.
  • For our non-US clients, debit and credit cards that are enabled with 3D Secure are accepted.
  • For US clients only debit cards are supported at this time.
Fees and limits
Kraken fees for buying, selling, or converting assets using your card consist of a displayed fee and, where applicable, a spread which is included in the price. Any spread is calculated before orders are executed and may differ for similar transactions. This is because the spread is determined based on a combination of factors, including but not limited to transaction size, asset, payment method and market conditions.
Note: Transactions may not be cancelled once initiated. All purchases are final and non-refundable.
Card purchase fees:
  • The final transaction fee is provided on the final confirmation page and is visible before you complete the purchase.
  • There are no hidden or additional fees and the total value shown on the confirmation page is what Kraken will charge to your card.
Card and transaction limits:
  • Each transaction has a minimum purchase amount.
  • There is a maximum spending amount within a time-based seven day rolling period. This limit is combined with Apple Pay or Google Pay purchases.
  • Purchase amounts count towards your daily and monthly funding limits.
  • A maximum of three attempts to save your payment card is allowed within a 30 day rolling period. Deleting saved cards will not reset this limit so be mindful of this before removing any of your saved card details. Card information is securely stored and displayed according to PCI compliance regulations.
  • For clients in the USA, a maximum of one card can be added within a 30-day rolling period and a maximum of two attempts to add a new card is allowed.
CurrencyMinimum purchase amountSeven day purchase limit
CHF 10.00
CHF 5,000
Important information
  • The default payment currency is pre-determined by your verified country of residence.
  • Depending on your card issuers policy, they may charge additional fees for cash advance or online card purchases. Bank charges for credit card payments or international transaction fees are independent from Kraken’s fee and are outside of our control.
  • The Buy Crypto widget and our Kraken app are specifically designed for easy buying and selling. Withdrawals to cards are not supported.
  • As a security precaution we may limit the number of transactions allowed per day.
  • If you are using the Buy Crypto widget on our website, you can view step-by-step instructions on how to add your payment card.
  • For guidance on adding your card while using the Kraken App, please see the instructions provided here.
Why does Kraken need my consent to store my card details?
Storing your card details helps us to: verify your account, comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, and prevent and detect fraud and crime. It also helps create a smooth and fast payment journey.
Your card will remain stored for transactional purposes, unless you decide to remove it. For legal and regulatory purposes, we will continue to store records of your transactions in accordance with our client Privacy Policy.
If you would like to opt-out please remove your payment card and feel free to use an alternative payment method from this list:
If none of the above payment methods suit, you can try PayPal, Plaid EUR/GBP or Plaid via ACH.
Failed or declined transactions
There are a number of reasons why a transaction could fail:
  • Website or API connectivity issues.
  • Adverse market volatility, meaning we're unable to lock down a price.
Transactions can also be declined by your card issuer at their discretion.
If your card was charged but you did not immediately receive your crypto assets, the transaction will automatically be voided within two hours. 
These lists are not exhaustive, so if your purchases continue to fail please contact our Support team, or chat directly with one of our Support specialists by clicking the Help button in the right corner of your screen.
Explanation of 3D Secure (3DS)
3DS, typically referred to as "Verified by Visa" or “Mastercard SecureCode", is an additional security layer used to authorize online purchases. Depending on your card issuer, they may require a password; one-time-PIN; or authorization within a banking app
If you are unsure if your card is 3DS, please contact your card issuer to enquire if they support this security feature. 
Supported regions
Kraken offers Visa and Mastercard in many countries. Please see this list to view the payment methods available in your region.
The decimal and thousands separators shown in this article may differ from the formats displayed on our trading platforms. Review our article on how we use points and commas for more information.