How to fund your Kraken account

Now that you've secured and verified your account, it’s time to fund it!

Select the Funding tab and you’ll automatically be on the Deposit tab. The page will look like this:


You have the option of depositing fiat currency and/or digital assets/cryptocurrencies. 

Fiat currency

We support funding in the following fiat currencies: USD, EUR, and CAD.

However, the availability of fiat deposit (and withdrawal) methods will depend on your residency and verification level

For example, EUR funding is available to most Intermediate verified accounts, but EUR withdrawals can only be done to bank accounts in the SEPA zone.

CAD funding is only available for Intermediate verified Canadian accounts.

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Digital assets/cryptocurrency

If you’re funding your account with cryptocurrencies, select the one you’d like to deposit and generate an address for it.

Afterwards, you can either scan the QR code or copy the address using the select button and input it wherever the source of the funds are located.

For more detailed instructions, see how to deposit cryptocurrencies to your Kraken account.

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There are no deposit limits for cryptocurrencies.

Important: Kraken is not a wallet service, and this has implications for how you can use your account.