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Decimal separators: points vs commas
As a US-based company, we use points (.) instead of commas (,) for separating decimals in numbers.
If you live in a country which uses decimal commas, your spreadsheet application will likely incorrectly interpret our export files. For example, a fee of 1 cent (0.01) might be shown as 100 dollars.
It is currently not possible to export your Kraken account history with decimal commas.
To properly view your export file, please make sure that your spreadsheet application uses points/periods (.) for decimal separation before you open or import your Kraken history.
Note: This is different from simply changing the formatting in a column.
Important: If you saved any changes to the history file on a spreadsheet application with incompatible settings, then you'll need to re-download a fresh history file from our website.

Microsoft Excel

The settings should look as follows:
Decimal separator: "." (period)
Thousands separator: "," (comma)
For more details, see this support guide for Microsoft Excel: How to change the character used to separate thousands or decimals.

Google Sheets

In "File" > "Settings", make sure that "Locale" is set to a decimal period country such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand.