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Why is there a withdrawal hold on my account?
First-time instant purchase
Certain instant purchases, such as first time ACH Online Banking, Paypaldebit or credit card or digital wallet purchases, will trigger a withdrawal hold for up to 72 hours. Withdrawal holds may also be triggered by deposits from certain banks as well as security reasons. Additional cash purchases made during this 72-hour hold will also be locked for the remainder of the 72 hours.
Trading is unaffected, you will still be able to trade throughout the period of the withdrawal hold.
Card purchases using USD and Paypal deposits
For enhanced security, debit/credit card purchases using USD, and Paypal deposits, may experience a 72 hour withdrawal hold on every purchase, not just your first purchase.
ACH deposits
ACH via Plaid deposits are available instantly for trading, but will be subject to a seven day withdrawal hold. The seven day hold will apply after each deposit and is applicable to any assets in cash or cryptocurrencies equivalent to the deposited amount.
For example, if you have 500 USD worth of assets in your account and you deposit 100 USD using ACH via Plaid, you would be able to withdraw all but 100 USD from your account until the seven days have passed, after which the final amount could be withdrawn.
If you purchase a collateral currency using your ACH deposit via Plaid, the withdrawal hold will apply differently. For example, if you make a $1,000 ACH via Plaid deposit and decide to buy MATIC, a 30% reduction will be applied. As a result, the maximum amount you can withdraw will be lower than the initial deposit amount for the duration of the withdrawal hold.
Recent password change
If you make any changes to your password, withdrawals to new withdrawal addresses will be held for up to 24 hours, for security purposes. Any withdrawals to updated withdrawal addresses, within 24 hours of a password reset, will also be held. Addresses that you already added to your account won’t be affected.