On-hold deposits or withdrawals

A deposit or withdrawal being "On Hold" means that it was flagged for one of the reasons below.

Some "On Hold" deposits/withdrawals are automatically released after a certain period of time, while other "On Hold" deposits/withdrawals will require manual intervention from Kraken Support.

Reason Description Solution
Above funding limit Based on your verification level, there are limits to how much you can deposit within 24 hours and within 30 days. Apply for a higher verification level or wait for your daily/monthly limits to reset.
Name mismatch The name on your Kraken account and bank account must match. The deposit/withdrawal will most likely have to be returned/cancelled.
German bank or resident German residents need to submit an IDCP in order to use fiat funding. Submit an IDCP.
Irregular activities Your bank has asked us to put a hold. Wait for instructions from Kraken Support.


Reasons unique to deposits:

Reason Description Solution
Missing deposit reference Fiat deposits need to include your reference number so we know which account to assign it to. Wait for instructions from Kraken Support.
Starter verified account As of March 2019, we no longer accept deposits from Starter verified accounts. Get verified to an Intermediate level account.
Fidor account holder The first transaction from a Fidor bank account to Kraken will have a hold on it. Wait for instructions from Kraken Support.
Duplicate deposits You made multiple deposits of the same amount within a 72 hour period.  Wait for it to be automatically released. Use different deposit amounts when sending multiple deposits in the future.


Important: In some circumstances, we might not be able to release an "On Hold" deposit and it will have to be sent back. If your "On Hold" deposit is in the process of being returned, an equal amount of funds in your existing balances will also be placed on-hold until the deposit status changes to "Returned".