Beware of phishing scams

Kraken will never send you an email asking for any of your login details, or direct you to a webpage that asks for this information. We have appropriate access to your account information and will NEVER ask you to download remote access applications online and let us access your device. 

Fraudsters may try to imitate our emails; if you receive an email from any other address than, please delete it and do not click on any links that may be provided. Fraudsters can also pretend to be Kraken support agents in order to get you to send money, let them access your accounts or take control of your device to steal your personal data. Please be mindful of any emails you receive that are from addresses that are not; they are not legitimately from Kraken Support and should not be trusted.

We do not currently provide support over the phone. However, please note that if we did provide this service, the specific telephone number would be displayed on Kraken's website and/or Support pages along with a clear message. We also do not contract with any external company for provision of support (neither email or phone).

For guidance on securing your account, click here.