Beware of phishing scams

In a phishing scam the attacker tries to disguise themselves as a trustworthy entity in order to trick you into giving them sensitive information that can be used to gain access to your devices and accounts and steal your money. It is, therefore, important that our clients be very careful and learn good habits to help avoid these scams. Here are some important things to remember that can help keep your Kraken account secure from phishing scams:

- Always navigate to Kraken by manually typing in your browser's address bar. Never click links or search results that look like

- Be sure that you are entering your login credentials on and no other website that looks similar.

- To contact Kraken Support, always navigate to the website manually by typing in your browser's address bar. Never give out any information about your account unless you opened a ticket via this method.

- Never give out any passwords to anyone who asks. Kraken will never ask you for your passwords.

- Kraken will never ask you to download remote access applications online and let us access your device. Also, we will never ask you to remove login two-factor authentication or other account security settings.

- Kraken does not offer phone support at this time. If we did provide this service, the specific telephone number would be displayed on Kraken's website and/or Support center along with a clear message. If you speak with anyone on the phone who claims to be Kraken Support, please contact us immediately by submitting a ticket and let us know as many details as possible regarding the call.

- Kraken will never send you an email asking for any of your login details, or direct you to a webpage that asks for this information.

- If you receive a Kraken Support email from any other address than, please delete it and do not click on any links that may be provided as they are not legitimately from Kraken Support and should not be trusted.

- Be aware of man-in-the-middle attacks that can happen when an attacker intercepts emails from one party and relays them with certain amendments to the other party who both believe they are communicating with each other directly.

- Our social media team only provides general support and an option to escalate your ticket using a google form. If someone claiming to work for Kraken contacts you on social media, never give out any information besides the ticket number for your issue.