Ledgers vs Trades Data

There are two kinds of account data clients can export: Ledgers and Trades.

Ledgers Data

Ledgers exports focus on changes to account balances.

They answer questions like:

  • How much was debited from a currency balance? (and the reason for it, e.g. fees, withdrawal, exchange, or margin trading loss).
  • How much was credited to a currency balance? (and the reason for it, e.g. deposit, exchange, or margin trading profit).
  • How much fees, and in which currency, were paid to Kraken?

Working with Ledgers exports:

  • To find balances for a specific date, look at the last change to each balance before the desired date.
  • To find what a currency was traded for, look for a matching refid.
  • To find which margin trade specific rollover fees are associated with, looking for a matching refid.
  • If you see several deductions from different currencies but with the same refid and type 'margin', that's likely a liquidation. 

Below are the export options for Ledgers on the Account > History > Export page.


Trades Data

Trades exports focus on both non-margin and margin trades (the matching of sell orders with buy orders).

They answer questions like:

  • What was a balance traded for?
  • The exchange rate for that trade?
  • The order type used?
  • All the executions related to a specific order.
  • The fee estimate in terms of the quote currency (NOT necessarily the actual amount that was deducted).
  • The collateral used for a margin trade (and thus also the leverage level)?

Note: Trades exports only show executed or partially executed orders. They do not show cancelled/untouched orders.

Below are the export options for Trades on the Account > History > Export page.