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My Kraken Wallet has been compromised
It is important to take immediate action to prevent any further access to your assets if they still remain in your Kraken Wallet.
  • If any assets remain in your compromised wallet, immediately withdraw them to a safe location (e.g., a crypto exchange or custodian) or transfer assets to a new wallet with a new Secret Recovery Phrase.
  • If your wallet is compromised it is wise to assume that your Secret Recovery Key is compromised. This means importing your wallet to a new device will not resolve the issue.
  • Unfortunately, Kraken is unable to assist with the recovery of any disputed funds due to the irreversible nature of cryptocurrency transactions.
If you believe your Kraken Exchange account to be compromised, please complete this form.

To prevent any further unauthorized activity we recommend to:

Secure your devices:
  • Scan all devices for malware.
  • Remove all unofficial Kraken Apps from your mobile devices.
  • If you did download suspicious apps or files to your device; backup any important data and reset all your devices to factory settings.
Secure your email accounts:
  • Change or add Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to your email account.
  • Change the password of your email account while following these guidelines.
If you have a Kraken exchange account, secure your account: