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Business inquiries

If you would like to contact Kraken regarding a business proposition, please find the most appropriate option below to learn the most effective way to contact us.

I want Kraken to list a coin or token
If you would like Kraken to list a new coin or token, please review our article on new token requests.
I want to sell Kraken a domain name
As a policy, Kraken does not purchase domain names and we will not respond to sales requests for domain names.
I want to become an affiliate

Kraken is happy to offer an industry leading affiliate program. Details on the program can be found in our affiliate program article.

I want Kraken to appear in an event or media
For interview requests, logos, podcasts or conference appearances, please contact [email protected].
I am interested in marketing or sponsorships with Kraken
To discuss marketing, content, or sponsorship initiatives please contact [email protected]

For any requests not explained above, please contact Kraken Support.