Kraken Futures eligibility and availability

You have to fulfill the following criteria to be able to unlock Kraken Futures:

1. Verification requirements

Have an account with Kraken that is verified as follows:

2. Geographic restrictions

Kraken Futures are NOT available to clients residing in the United States as well as the following areas:

Country/territory/state Code
Afghanistan AF
Algeria DZ
Bangladesh BD
Belarus BY
Burma MM
Bolivia BO
Cambodia KH
Central African Republic CF
Congo, Democratic Republic of CD
Cuba CU
Ecuador EC
Equatorial Guinea GQ
Eritrea ER
Guinea, Republic of GN
Guinea-Bissau GW
Haiti HT
Iran IR
Iraq IQ
Lebanon LB
Liberia LR
Libya LY
Mali ML
Moldova MD
Nepal NP
North Korea KP
Sierra Leone SL
Somalia SO
South Sudan SS
Sudan SD
Syria SY
Tunisia TN
Ukraine UA
Vietnam VN
Yemen YE
Zimbabwe ZW

If you are not currently eligible to use Kraken Futures, please check our regular updates about upcoming features and possible changes to the criteria.