How to unlock Futures trading and Eligibility

This article will help all eligible clients unlock Kraken futures trading.


Kraken Futures offers you an opportunity to trade futures contracts for a number of cryptocurrencies/digital assets. You have to fulfil the following criteria to trade Futures:

  1. You are a Tier 3-verified client who does not reside in the United States and certain other areas
  2. You are a Tier 4-verified individual client who does not reside in the United States
  3. You are a Tier 4-verified Non-US corporate user who has participated in a recent KYC update

If you are not currently eligible to use this feature please check our regular updates about upcoming features and possible changes to the above criteria.

Accessing Kraken Futures

You can connect your Kraken account and start trading Futures in four easy steps:

1. Launch Futures from the Kraken trade interface

squidtradeinterface.png2. Read and agree to the Kraken Futures Terms & Conditions:


3. Complete the investor questionnaire



4. Seamlessly transfer funds from your Kraken exchange account

You can launch Kraken Futures from the Kraken website or from the futures trading platform directly. Both methods are described below.

Launching Kraken Futures from the main Kraken website

1. Log into your Kraken account normally on

2. Navigate to the “Trade”-tab on your account

3. Click on the button to launch the Kraken Futures trading platform.

4. The trading platform loads and you are ready to trade futures!

Logging in to Kraken Futures using your Kraken account

1. Start on the Kraken Futures page,

2. Click the “Sign in with Kraken”-button in the upper-right corner

3. Log in to your Kraken account

4. The trading platform loads and you are ready to trade futures!