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What is a FedWire IMAD/OMAD number?
IMAD/OMAD means Input/Output Message Accountability Data and it is a unique number given to each FedWire payment when using the Federal Reserve Bank Service and can be used to investigate and track wire transfers.
This reference number is generated by your wire transfer for tracking.
An IMAD/OMAD number will be required from your bank in the event that we have to reach out to our funding provider.
The IMAD/OMAD is a combination of date, source identifier (alpha-numeric) and sequential number in the following format:
Source Identifier
eight characters
Sequence Number
six digits

How would I obtain the IMAD/OMAD numbers?

Your bank will be able to provide you with this information, after the funds have been wired.
If a bank representative is unable to provide you with this, you may have to reach out to the bank manager or the bank wire department for assistance.
Note: If you have received this IMAD/OMAD number from Kraken Support for your returned deposit or for withdrawal, please provide this information to your bank to help locate the funds that are meant to be credited to your bank account.