Kraken's limited role in the MtGox claim process

Kraken had a limited role in the initial bankruptcy claim process by helping to collect claims. As a result of a petition filed by some creditors, MtGox is out of bankruptcy and has entered civil rehabilitation.

We are not involved in the new rehabilitation claim process.

Kraken client support cannot help with MtGox claim inquiries because:

  • The MtGox trustee is independent of Kraken.
  • Claim information is stored only on the trustee's servers, not on Kraken's servers. 
  • Claim information is private between clients and the trustee.
  • Kraken is not involved in approving or denying claims.
  • Kraken does not determine when claims are distributed.

When the MtGox trustee finishes approving claims and selects a distribution date, we may provide payout support for that distribution. However, the details of Kraken's support have not yet been determined.

For any questions or issues with your MtGox claim, you'll need to contact the MtGox trustee's help desk.