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Multiple Accounts FAQ
Can I create multiple accounts?
Yes, you can create multiple accounts, but if you just want to increase your deposit & withdrawal limits we can easily help you with this for your existing account. There's no need to open a second account to go above funding limits.
Potential reasons for creating a second account:
  • Having an account for different trading strategies that run counter to each other.
  • Having an account for different trading bots.
  • Having an account to increase API rate limits.
  • Having an account that's separate from the account you use to trade using margin* (to help protect balances from potential liquidation).
  • Having an account for personal-use vs business-use.
  • Having an account for different residencies for bank funding options.
The only rule is that you cannot use your secondary accounts to go beyond the deposit and withdrawal limits of your highest verified account.
How do I create a second account?
To create a second account:
  1. 1
    First, sign out of your current Kraken account.
  2. 2
    Select the Create Account button.
  3. 3
    Enter a new email address and password.
If you want to use the same email address, you will need to review the instructions in the section below.
How do I create a second account using the same email address?
If you want to use the same email address for a second account, you will have to make a small addition to your email address when you create an account.
A plus sign (+) and a keyword need to be added before the "@" sign of your email address.
For example, if your email address is [email protected], you can create multiple accounts using keywords such as:
The keyword you use doesn't matter. It's just to help you keep track of which account is which.
All emails for these accounts will still be sent to the inbox of [email protected].
The "+keyword" is just a tool which many (but not all) email providers offer their clients as a way to sort incoming emails. Check the support documentation of your email provider to see if they offer this feature. You can also test if they support it by sending a test email to your "+keyword" email address. 
Pro-tip: You can use "+keyword" in other areas of your online life. For example, if you join an online newsletter, you can use [email protected]. If you start receiving emails addressed to that address from other senders, you will know who sold or shared your information.
Security note: remember to use two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Kraken accounts as well as on your email address. If you have multiple accounts tied to a single email address, both may be affected if your email address is compromised due to a lack of 2FA.
Can we create a joint account?
It is currently not possible to have a non-business account with two different names on it. If you and your spouse both want to use Kraken, the best option is for each person to create their own account. However, you can fund a Kraken account under your name from a joint bank account without any issues as long as you are one of the owners of the joint bank account.
Can I create a test or demo account?
We do not offer test accounts with virtual balances for clients to practice on Kraken. You can, however, create a demo account for Kraken Futures.
Can I link multiple accounts or create subaccounts?
Kraken Futures
Subaccounts are supported on Kraken Futures.
Subaccounts are supported on Kraken Spot for managed institutional clients. It is possible to create multiple separate accounts, however, they cannot be linked together; their sign-in information, balances, trading volume, fee discounts and verifications will be separate. It is not possible to transfer balances, trading volume, fee discounts or verification status to another account.
Account accessors
For business accounts, you may designate multiple account accessors to your account. However, the accessors would still need to share the same account sign-in information for a business account.
To set up multiple accessors, follow the steps below:
  1. 1
    Share your username and password with the additional accessors.
  2. 2
    Ensure you are using the same set up code for the sign-in 2FA, on the multiple devices needed.
  3. 3
    If you want to restrict the additional accessors you can set up funding and trading 2FA, as well as a Global Settings Lock (GSL), that you do not share with the other accessors.
  4. 4
    You can share API keys with additional accessors. However, use caution when sharing an API key and ensure they are generated with only the permissions appropriate for the person you are sharing it with.