How to interpret asset codes

Below are the asset and cryptocurrency codes used in history export files.

Asset codes starting with 'X' represent cryptocurrencies / digital assets. Though there are a few exceptions, like those with 4 character codes (DASH and USDT), and BCH, EOS, and GNO (for no particular reason).

Asset codes starting with 'Z' represent fiat currencies.

Asset Code Asset Name Asset Type Notes
ADA Cardano Cryptocurrency  
ATOM Cosmos Cryptocurrency  
BCH Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency  
DASH DASH Cryptocurrency  
EOS EOS Cryptocurrency  
GNO Gnosis Cryptocurrency  
QTUM QTUM Cryptocurrency  
USDT Tether Cryptocurrency  
XDAO DAO Cryptocurrency delisted
XETC Ethereum Classic Cryptocurrency  
XETH Ethereum Cryptocurrency  
XLTC Litecoin Cryptocurrency  
XMLN Watermelon Cryptocurrency  
XNMC Namecoin Cryptocurrency delisted
XREP Augur Cryptocurrency  
XXVN Ven Cryptocurrency delisted
XICN Iconomi Cryptocurrency delisted
XXBT Bitcoin Cryptocurrency  
XXDG Dogecoin Cryptocurrency  
XXLM Stellar Lumens Cryptocurrency  
XXMR Monero Cryptocurrency  
XXTZ Tezos Cryptocurrency  
XXRP Ripple Cryptocurrency  
XZEC Zcash Cryptocurrency  
ZCAD Canadian dollar Fiat currency  
ZEUR Euro Fiat currency  
ZGBP Great British Pound Fiat currency  
ZJPY Japanese Yen Fiat currency  
ZKRW South Korean Won Fiat currency no longer accepted
ZUSD US Dollar Fiat currency  
KFEE Kraken Fee Credits Promotional Credit click for more information