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Inaccurate Canadian Dollar (CAD) balances due to CAD withdrawals
  • 1st entry: when the withdrawal is requested by you.
  • 2nd entry: when the withdrawal is settled in our system
    marked from "Sending" to "Success".
For most Canadian Dollar (CAD) withdrawals, the second entry will be delayed — often for months. Even once you receive a CAD withdrawal, it will still show as "Sending".
The second entry is when we internally consider the withdrawal to be permanently settled. It is not the same date as when you actually received the withdrawal because there is no automated way for us to tell if/when you received a withdrawal.
We periodically manually update the status of "Sending" CAD withdrawals to "Success" (for example, on May 16th, 2018).
So why does this matter? A withdrawal isn't deducted from ledger balances until the second entry appears. Since the second entry takes longer for CAD withdrawals, CAD balances in the ledger history are often inflated.
If you've made any CAD withdrawals, you will have to manually account for them in your ledger history by using the time and date in the 1st entry.
You can only see the 1st entry by exporting your ledger history.
It is not visible in the History > Ledger page on, which only shows final (2nd) entries.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.