How to interpret Ledger history fields


Below is an explanation of fields you'll see on the ledgers export csv file.

Field Description

Transaction ID.
Matches the Ledger ID seen on > History > Ledger.


Reference ID.
Starts with "Q" for deposits.
Starts with "A" or "B" for withdrawals.
Starts with "T" for trades.


Includes both date + time (in UTC time zone).
If you want to separate date and time, you'll need to use the split tool in your spreadsheet application.


"trade" = non-margin exchange of one currency for another.
"margin" = profits/loss for a margin trade.
"rollover" = borrowing charge for a margin trade.
"withdrawal" = withdrawal of funds outside of your Kraken account.
"deposit" = deposit of funds to your Kraken account (including KFEE credits).
"transfer" = funds passed down to you from Kraken. (e.g. BCH hardfork, or XLM airdrop)

aclass Asset Class. Value is always "currency". Not a useful field.
asset The asset of focus in the ledger entry.
amount Amount debited (-) or credited (+) to that asset's balance.
fee Fee paid to Kraken (if any) in the asset.

New asset balance after debiting/crediting transaction amount and debiting fee.

balance = old_balance +/- amount - fee


Note: Each ledger entry focuses on a change to a particular asset's balance.

So if the asset is XXBT (i.e. Bitcoin), the Amount, Fee, and Balance fields will also be denominated in Bitcoin.

Two different assets will never be mixed in a single Ledger entry.