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Document requirements for verification
We're currently facing delays in processing new accounts. Please avoid submitting multiple verification requests. 
Global Settings Lock: If you are having trouble editing/adding your address or uploading documents to your account please try turning off your GSL (Global Settings Lock) and try again.
In order to get verified to the Intermediate or Pro level or to update account information, we may require the following documents to be uploaded to your account:  
Proof of Address Document
Proof of address documents must contain your name, address and be dated less than three months before from the date of submission. We do NOT accept P.O. Box addresses from any country.
Valid documents include, but are not limited to:
  • Bank statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Utility bill (water, electricity, gas, internet, phone)
  • Payroll statement -or- Official salary document from employer
  • Insurance statement
  • Tax document
  • Residence certificate
We do NOT accept USPS change-of-address letters.
For documents in languages that use non-Latin characters (such as Russian, Chinese, Thai, Hebrew, etc.), a notarized translation of your proof of address document will greatly speed up processing time.
Valid government issued ID document
Valid documents include:
  • Passport
  • Drivers license
  • National identity card (front + back)
Other valid government-issued ID may be accepted if it has your full legal name, photo, date of birth and issue and expiry dates all on the front of your ID.
Firearm licenses are not accepted.
For US clients residing in Texasonly US govt.-issued IDs are accepted for USD funding.
Please make sure that your ID photos/scans meet these image requirements.
Face photo 
You will be required to provide a Face photo for the Intermediate verification level if you are:
  • A resident of South Africa or USA
  • Funding with a South African or US bank
Depending on your country of residence, if your address is not automatically confirmed, you will be asked to provide a Face photo and/or a Proof of Address document.
There may also be other situations where we would require you to submit either a Face Photo or an ID Confirmation Photo.
The Face Photo and ID Confirmation Photo can either be taken using your device’s camera or uploaded from the computer.
Valid SSN (Social Security Number) or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)
US clients only.

Upload instructions

To upload all the required documents to your Kraken account:
  • Select Get Verified by clicking on your name in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Locate the column showing Intermediate and click Verify
  • Follow the instructions on the form
To help the verification process go smoothly, please ensure your documents are not password protected. Be sure that all files uploaded meet the necessary technical parameters.