Requirements to access United States (US) domestic funding

The requirements for United States (US) domestic funding are the following:

MVB (FedWire)Synapse (FedWire)
Funding is not available in the following statesTX, NY, WACA, MO, MT, NY, UT, WA
Verification levelIntermediate or ProIntermediate or Pro
Government-issued photo ID document (**** US passport or driver's license only)✓***✓****
US Proof of Address✓***

Face Photo✓***
US-issued SSN
US bank account
US phone number

***Not required for Express level verification. Notes:

  • A new ID and Face Photo will be requested if the ID on file is expired. Our funding provider may request a new and different ID in some cases.
  • Uploading of an SSN card may be required in some cases.
  • A recent US Proof of residence document may be required in some cases.
  • US Passport is preferred and may be requested by our funding provider for continued access to USD funding.