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What is proof of sources of funds (POSOF)?
A proof of source of funds (POSOF) document explains where the funds used for a bank deposit originated and where the crypto assets used for a cash withdrawal originated.
Kraken reserves the right to request a proof of source of funds for clients depositing or withdrawing cash.
Any POSOF document submitted needs to cover all deposits or withdrawals via that particular funding method. Ensure that the POSOF documentation you provide covers any previous deposits or withdrawals as well as the most recent one.

Acceptable POSOF for Individuals 

  • Tax Return (last two taxable years)
  • Letter from Bank or Accountant stating assets
  • Bank statement or equities statement
  • Paystubs showing previous two years income
  • An accountant’s letter stating a client’s real estate holdings and inheritance suffice for net worth
  • Proof of balance at crypto exchange(s): an account statement or proof of balances letter
  • Signed message on private crypto wallet: sign a message using your cryptocurrency address 

Acceptable POSOF for Business Accounts

  • Audited Financials
  • Tax Return (last two taxable years)
  • Bank or Brokerage Letter Stating Assets
  • Standardized statement from Kraken or other digital asset exchange
  • Proof of balance at crypto exchange(s)
  • Signed message on crypto wallet
Note: Some cash funding methods may require additional documentation.