Deposits or withdrawals via third-party payments processors

In general, Kraken does not accept deposits from, or withdrawals to, third-party payments processors for compliance reasons. This is because it is difficult to verify that a transaction actually came from or is destined for an account associated with the client on Kraken.

Whenever possible, we will request that third-party payments processors block our accounts for transactions to or from their services. Furthermore, we have systems in place that will inhibit deposits or withdrawals by returning or cancelling them automatically.

Below is a list that contains examples of third-party payments processors we do not accept deposits from or withdrawals to (note that this list is not complete):

  • The Currency Cloud
  • Earthport
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Revolut
  • Transferwise
  • WesternUnion

If a third-party payments processor issues you a unique bank account or IBAN that is in your name, we may be able to accept deposits or withdrawals via them.  Please double-check with our client service team first or send a small amount as a test deposit.

If you are unsure whether you have been issued a unique bank account or IBAN in your name, ask their support for assistance, and check available articles from your processor's support pages.

Note: We are unable to assist with the tracing of transactions through third-party payments processors that have not reached our systems. Such problems lie with the third-party payments processor and needs to be resolved by them.

Ensure that you read the full deposit information on deposit pages when funding your account.