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Cryptocurrency deposit fees and minimums
Most cryptocurrency deposits are free, and the minimum deposit amounts required are listed below. A few cryptocurrencies are charged an address setup fee or deposit fee. As of the upgrade to our Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), stackable deposit addresses are no longer supported. If a deposit is below the required minimum, the funds will be lost permanently. This initial deposit will not be credited even if you send a subsequent deposit which meets the minimum amount requirement.
Currency availability
Below is a summary of minimums and fees. Some currencies listed below are not available in specific countries.
Note: the below can change without notice and may not always be current. Please sign in to your Kraken account to see the most current information listed on each deposit page.
CryptocurrencyDeposit minimumAddress setup feeDeposit fees
0x24 ZRXFreeFree
1inch5 1INCHFreeFree
Aave0.12 AAVEFreeFree
Aavegotchi5.26 GHSTFreeFree
Acala0.3 ACAFreeFree
Adventure Gold10 AGLDFreeFree
Aevo10 AEVOFreeFree
Akash1 AKTFreeFree
Alchemix0.06 ALCXFreeFree
Alchemy Pay300 ACHFreeFree
Algorand1 ALGOFreeFree
Alien Worlds100 TLMFreeFree
Altair6 AIRFreeFree
Altlayer25 ALTFreeFree
Ambire AdEx30 ADXFreeFree
Ampleforth Governance Token2 FORTHFreeFree
Ankr360 ANKRFreeFree
ApeCoin4 APEFreeFree
API32 API3FreeFree
Aptos0.02 APTFreeFree
Aragon3.5 ANTFreeFree
Arbitrum1 ARBFreeFree
Arkham Intelligence3 ARKMFreeFree
Arpa Chain160 ARPAFreeFree
Astar0.2 ASTRFreeFree
Audius16 AUDIOFreeFree
Augur1.5 REPFreeFree
Augur v21.5 REPV2FreeFree
Avalanche0.5 AVAXFreeFree
Aventus 4 AVTFreeFree
Axie Infinity0.3 AXSFreeFree
Badger DAO1.5 BADGERFreeFree
Balancer0.3 BALFreeFree
Bancor8 BNTFreeFree
Band Protocol7 BANDFreeFree
Barnbridge0.7 BONDFreeFree
Basic Attention Token16.48 BATFreeFree
Basilisk300 BSXFreeFree
Beam50 BEAMFreeFree
Biconomy6 BICOFreeFree
Bifrost0.5 BNCFreeFree
Big Time50 BIGTIMEFreeFree
Bitcoin0.0001 BTCFreeFree
Bitcoin (Lightning Network)0.00001 BTCFreeFree
Bitcoin Cash0.0006 BCHFreeFree
BitDAO8 BITFreeFree
Bittorrent 5 BTTFreeFree
Blur15 BLURFreeFree
Bluzelle56 BLZFreeFree
Boba Network14 BOBAFreeFree
Bonfida1 FIDAFreeFree
Bonk42,000 BONKFreeFree
Bricks50 BRICKFreeFree
Cardano1 ADAFreeFree
Cartesi30 CTSIFreeFree
Celer Network400 CELRFreeFree
Celestia2 TIAFreeFree
Centrifuge0.1 CFGFreeFree
Chain50 XCNFreeFree
Chainlink1.5 LINKFreeFree
Chiliz40.9 CHZFreeFree
Chromia24 CHRFreeFree
Civic40 CVCFreeFree
Compound0.05 COMPFreeFree
Coin988 C98FreeFree
Convex Finance0.5 CVXFreeFree
Cosmos1 ATOMFreeFree
Covalent5 CQTFreeFree
Crust Shadow50 CSMFreeFree
Curve4.2 CRVFreeFree
Dai (Arbitrum one network)2.5 DAIFreeFree
Dai (Ethereum network)7.11 DAIFreeFree
Dai (Polygon network)2 DAIFreeFree
Dash0.01 DASHFreeFree
Decentraland5.7 MANAFreeFree
Dent6,000 DENTFreeFree
Dogecoin0 DOGEFreeFree
Dogwifhat6 WIFFreeFree
Dolend Tremp5 TREMPFreeFree
Drift Protocol20 DRIFTFreeFree
dYdX4 DYDXFreeFree
Dymension1 DYMFreeFree
Energy Web Token1 EWTFreeFree
Enjin Coin (Ethereum network)25 ENJFreeFree
Enjin Coin (Relaychain)8 ENJFreeFree
Enzyme Finance0.1 MLNFreeFree
EOS0.5 EOSFreeFree
Ethena10 ENAFreeFree
Ether.fi2 ETHFIFreeFree
EthereumPoW 0.1 ETHWFreeFree
Ethereum (Arbitrum One)0.01 ETHFreeFree
Ethereum (Arbitrum Nova)0.01 ETHFreeFree
Ethereum0.005 ETHFreeFree
Ethereum (Linea)0.01 ETHFreeFree
Ethereum (Polygon)0.00001 ETHFreeFree
Ethereum (Optimism)0.01 ETHFreeFree
Ethereum (zkSync Era)0.01 ETHFreeFree
Ethereum Classic0.01 ETCFreeFree
Ethereum Name Service0.5 ENSFreeFree
Euler1 EULFreeFree
Fantom0.14 FTMFreeFree
Fetch.ai6 FETFreeFree
Filecoin0.1 FILFreeFree
Flare12 FLRFreeFree
Flow0.1 FLOWFreeFree
Frax Share0.8 FXSFreeFree
Gala Games60 GALAFreeFree
Galxe2 GALFreeFree
Gari Network10 GARIFreeFree
Genshiro 100 GENSFreeFree
GensoKishi Metaverse8 MVFreeFree
Gitcoin2 GTCFreeFree
GMX 0.014 GMXFreeFree
Gnosis0.1 GNOFreeFree
Green Satoshi Token20 GSTFreeFree
Harvest Finance0.2 FARMFreeFree
Hashflow 10 HFTFreeFree
Helium1 HNTFreeFree
HydraDX5 HDXFreeFree
ICON0.1 ICXFreeFree
IDEX100 IDEXFreeFree
iExec6 RLCFreeFree
Immutable X6 IMXFreeFree
Injective Protocol0.25 INJFreeFree
Integritee2 TEERFreeFree
Internet Computer0.04 ICPFreeFree
Interlay4 INTRFreeFree
Jasmy320 JASMYFreeFree
Jeo Boden10 BODENFreeFree
Jito2 JTOFreeFree
JUNO0.06 JUNOFreeFree
Jupiter8 JUPFreeFree
Karura0.01 KARFreeFree
Kava1 KAVAFreeFree
Keep Network38.5 KEEPFreeFree
Keep3r Network0.014 KP3RFreeFree
KeeperDAO0.2 ROOKFreeFree
KILT0.5 KILTFreeFree
Kin50,000 KINFreeFree
Kintsugi0.5 KINTFreeFree
Kusama0.0105 KSMFreeFree
Kyber Network4.67 KNCFreeFree
Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange80 LCXFreeFree
LimeWire Token 15 LMWRFreeFree
Lido DAO2.3 LDOFreeFree
Lisk1 LSKFreeFree
Litecoin0.01 LTCFreeFree
Livepeer0.8 LPTFreeFree
Loopring15 LRCFreeFree
Maker0.01 MKRFreeFree
Mango12 MNGOFreeFree
Maple1 MPLFreeFree
Marlin400 PONDFreeFree
Marinade SOL0.01 MSOLFreeFree
Mask Network2 MASKFreeFree
Merit Circle6 MCFreeFree
1 MINAFree
Mina (first-time deposits)**2 MINA1 MINAFree
Mirror Protocol4 MIRFreeFree
Monero0 XMRFreeFree
Moonbeam0.3 GLMRFreeFree
Moonriver0.07 MOVRFreeFree
Moons10 MOONFreeFree
Multichain1 MULTIFreeFree
MultiversX0.1 EGLDFreeFree
MXC100 MXCFreeFree
My Neighbor Alice2 ALICEFreeFree
Nano0.1 NANOFreeFree
Near Protocol0.02 NEARFreeFree
Nodle50 NODLFreeFree
Nosana1 NOSFreeFree
Numeraire0.6 NMRFreeFree
Nym2 NYMFreeFree
Ocean28 OCEANFreeFree
OMG Network6 OMGFreeFree
Ondo20 ONDOFreeFree
Optimism1.5 OPFreeFree
Orca0.5 ORCAFreeFree
Orchid100 OXTFreeFree
Origin Protocol25 OGNFreeFree
OriginTrail 1 OTPFreeFree
Oxygen10 OXYFreeFree
Parallel Finance50 PARAFreeFree
PAX Gold0.004 PAXGFreeFree
PayPal USD 5 PYUSDFreeFree
Pendle2 PENDLEFreeFree
Pepe 2,000,000 PEPEFreeFree
Perpetual Protocol2 PERPFreeFree
Phala0.07 PHAFreeFree
Picasso 100 PICAFreeFree
PlayDapp10 PLAFreeFree
Polkadot1 DOTFreeFree
Polkastarter12 POLSFreeFree
Polygon (Ethereum network)6.5 MATICFreeFree
Polygon (Polygon network)6.5 MATICFreeFree
Polygon Ecosystem Token6.5 POLFreeFree
Portal10 PORTALFreeFree
Powerledger36 POWRFreeFree
Pyth Network15 PYTHFreeFree
Qtum0.1 QTUMFreeFree
Quant0.12 QNTFreeFree
Radicle4 RADFreeFree
Rarible3 RARIFreeFree
Raydium1 RAYFreeFree
REN Protocol60 RENFreeFree
Render1.2 RNDRFreeFree
Request60 REQFreeFree
Ripple0 XRPFreeFree
Robonomics0.4 XRTFreeFree
Rocket Pool0.2 RPLFreeFree
Rubic100 RBCFreeFree
Saber200 SBRFreeFree
Safe5 SAFEFreeFree
Samoyed Coin60 SAMOFreeFree
Secret1 SCRTFreeFree
Sei10 SEIFreeFree
SelfKey1,400 KEYFreeFree
Serum1 SRMFreeFree
Shiba Inu373,000 SHIBFreeFree
Shiden0.2 SDNFreeFree
Siacoin10 SCFreeFree
Solana0.01 SOLFreeFree
Songbird1 SGBFreeFree
Spell Token1400 SPELLFreeFree
Stacks0 STXFreeFree
Stafi Protocol16 FISFreeFree
Star Atlas150 ATLASFreeFree
Star Atlas DAO2 POLISFreeFree
Stargate Finance10 STGFreeFree
Starknet Token0.5 STRKFreeFree
Stella40 ALPHAFreeFree
Stellar Lumens25 XLMFreeFree
Step Finance20 STEPFreeFree
Storj8.6 STORJFreeFree
Sui 0.5 SUIFreeFree
SuperVerse18 SUPERFreeFree
SuperRare26 RAREFreeFree
Sushi4 SUSHIFreeFree
Swipe16 SXPFreeFree
Synapse10 SYNFreeFree
Synthetix2.44 SNXFreeFree
tBTC0.00026 TBTCFreeFree
Tensor6 TNSRFreeFree
Terra 2.00.1 LUNA2FreeFree
Terra Classic6 LUNAFree0.5% tax burn
TerraUSD Classic0.12 USTFree0.5% tax burn
Terra Virtua Kolect120 TVKFreeFree
Tether EURt5 EURTFreeFree
Tether USD (Arbitrum One network)2.5 USDTFreeFree
Tether USD (Ethereum network)7.11 USDTFreeFree
Tether USD (Optimism network)2.5 USDTFreeFree
Tether USD (Polygon network)2 USDTFreeFree
Tether USD (Solana network)0.4 USDTFreeFree
Tether USD (Tron network)5 USDTFreeFree
Tezos0.8 XTZFreeFree
The Graph80 GRTFreeFree
The Sandbox5.01 SANDFreeFree
Thorchain1 RUNEFreeFree
Threshold70 TFreeFree
Tokemak0.15 TOKEFreeFree
Tron2 TRXFreeFree
TrueFi88 TRUFreeFree
TrueUSD 5 TUSDFreeFree
Unifi Protocol DAO1 UNFIFreeFree
Uniswap1.03 UNIFreeFree
Universal Market Access2.5 UMAFreeFree
USD Coin (Arbitrum One*)2.5 USDCFreeFree
USD Coin (Ethereum network)7.11 USDCFreeFree
USD Coin (Optimism network)2.5 USDCFreeFree
USD Coin (Polygon network*)2 USDCFreeFree
USD Coin (SPL)0.4 USDCFreeFree
USD Coin (Tron network)5 USDCFreeFree
Wenwencoin25,000 WENFreeFree
Wormhole3 WFreeFree
Woo Network24 WOOFreeFree
Wrapped Bitcoin0.00026 WBTCFreeFree
Wrapped Ether0.004 WETHFreeFree
Wrapped Axelar6 WAXLFreeFree
Yearn Finance0.0008 YFIFreeFree
Yield Guild Games4 YGGFreeFree
Zcash0.005 ZECFreeFree
Zetachain5 ZETAFreeFree
Zeus Network11 ZEUSFreeFree
**For first-time MINA deposits, the address setup fee of 1 MINA is deducted from the deposit minimum. If you are depositing MINA to Kraken for the first time please ensure the deposit amount is above 2 MINA.
The Address Setup Fee is a one-time fee charged to the first deposit on a newly generated deposit address. ERC-20 tokens use the same single address within your account and thus will only incur the address setup fee once during the initial creation.
Paxos currently charges a 0.02% fee for all on-chain transactions of PAXG. For any deposit to Kraken this comes in addition to the flat fee we charge. Both your transaction to the deposit address and the transaction to sweep the deposit to our hot wallet will be charged the 0.02% fee by Paxos. 

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