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Which Kraken platform is best for me?
Welcome to Kraken! Before you get started you may be wondering which platform is most suited to your needs.
We have three platforms in which you can buy, sell and trade crypto. You will also have full access to our NFT marketplace.
If you’re looking to use Kraken on the go, we also have a set of mobile apps to suit your needs.


A beginner friendly experience to easily buy, sell and explore crypto.
With the Kraken interface you can:
  • Buy, sell and convert cryptocurrencies instantly via a simple interface.
  • Explore 210+ assets: discover and learn about hundreds of cryptocurrencies.
  • Track your portfolio.
  • Purchase crypto using cards and cash. Send your local currency to Kraken with a suitable funding method for you.
  • Security settings to help keep your accounts secure.
  • Our Kraken app, simply named "Kraken", offers a vibrant design and features not available on the Kraken Pro app. It is beginner friendly and meant for easily buying and selling crypto.
How do I access and sign in?
To access the Kraken interface, simply navigate to and sign in using your Kraken username and password.

Kraken Pro

A professional trading experience that enables you to place orders and earn rewards on your crypto. 
With the Kraken Pro interface you can:
  • Funding: deposit and withdraw crypto and cash, as well as stake and unstake assets.
  • Security: use additional security features catering to the professional traders such as Global Security Lock and API settings.
  • Trading: have access to full featured Order Form system
  • Order Types: a full suite of trading types, including Market Limit, Take profit and many more.
  • Kraken Pro App: our advanced trading app named “Kraken Pro” offers the same powerful interface from the convenience of your mobile device.
How do I access and sign in?
To access the Kraken Pro interface, simply navigate to and sign in using your Kraken username and password.
Learn more about how to use and navigate the Kraken Pro interface from our Kraken Pro section.

 Kraken Classic

Kraken Classic is our original legacy platform. Here you can buy, sell, trade and stake your crypto. 
How do I access and sign in?
To access the Kraken Classic interface, simply navigate to and sign in using your Kraken username and password. This may bring you to the new Kraken page - use the App Switcher as described below to navigate to Kraken Classic.
For help navigating the Kraken Classic platform, visit our dedicated Kraken Classic section. 

App Switcher

You can seamlessly switch between all interfaces on desktop via the App switcher. You will find the App switcher in the right hand corner of your screen on each platform.
To switch platforms:
  1. 1
    Click on the App switcher, here you will find all of our available interfaces.
  2. 2
    Select the interface you would like to use and you will be instantly taken there.
Below you can find examples of the App switcher on each platform:



Kraken Pro


NFT Marketplace


Kraken Classic


Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to access all products on the new Kraken interface?
The new Kraken interface offers features commonly used by our clients. Advanced features can be accessed on the Kraken Pro interface. You can currently access Kraken, Kraken Pro, NFT Marketplace, and Kraken Classic. Please note, new users of Kraken won't be able to access Kraken Classic via the app switcher.
Will Kraken charge the same fee for using the new Kraken interface?
All of our interfaces continue to be free to use, with no changes to our fee structure.
I can't find a certain feature on the Kraken interface. What should I do?
You can access advanced features by navigating to Kraken Pro by expanding the app switcher and clicking on Kraken Pro option, Kraken clients can also access Kraken NFT Marketplace.