Tier 4 Individual Account

A Tier 4 Individual Account is a verification tier that is meant for high-volume traders and high net worth individuals. If you find the Tier 1 to Tier 3 account limits to be insufficient for your trading or funding needs, you may choose to apply for Tier 4 verification.

A Tier 4 Individual Account comes with the following benefits:

  • Increased margin borrow limits
  • Increased API rate limits
  • Increased (fiat) deposit limits
  • Increased (crypto and fiat) withdrawal limits

Before applying for Tier 4 verification, please be sure that:

  1. You are expecting to operate outside Tier 3 limits for funding or require any of the other services as listed above.
  2. Your account is already verified to Tier 3 or you have submitted all the documentation necessary for Tier 3 verification. 
  3. You have enabled Login Two-factor Authentication (2FA) on the security page of the account.
  4. You have read the example application below as it contains the required information for Tier 4 verification

To apply for Tier 4:

  • Open a new support ticket,
  • Select the "Tier 4 & Corporate account application" category
  • Complete the form that is sent to your email

We're working on a secure web form to make this application process easier, but for now, please bear with us.

Purpose of Account

• Why would you like a tier 4 account? Please check at least one--indicate with an X next to it. Please do not highlight or bold your answers.

o Higher margin borrow limits
o Higher API rate limits
o Higher deposit limits
o Higher withdrawal limits
o Other (please explain):

• Are you creating this account on behalf of a 3rd party (If yes you will need to apply as a corporate client)?

• Do you intend to use your account as a bitcoin reseller or reseller of other digital assets as a business (If yes you will need to apply as a corporate client)?

• Do you intend to deposit/withdraw fiat (USD, EUR, etc.)? If yes, in which country is your bank account?

• If you will be withdrawing USD from Kraken to a bank account located in the US, what are your expected annual withdrawals?


• Employer (If self-employed, please describe your self-employment):

• Title/Position (Please explain in detail to ensure a faster verification process):


• Liquid net worth (please check one):

o $0-100k
o $100-250k
o $250k-1mil
o $1mil-2mil
o $2mil

• Net worth (please check one):

o $0-100k
o $100-250k
o $250k-1mil
o $1mil-2mil
o $2mil+

• Sources of Wealth (please check at least one):

o Investments
o Employment income
o Inheritance
o Other (please explain):

• Expected sum of monthly deposits (Specify units, for example $10,000)--Please be sure to fill this in even if it's just an estimate:


• Are you a politically exposed person? e.g – A senior military, government, or political official, or the relative or associate of such an official?


• Questions or Comments?