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Report a scam

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Leave blank if not applicable.
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Select the option that matches closest with the topic of your request.
  • Crypto giveaway: 2x your crypto, send funds to this address, YouTube ads
  • Investment company or broker: usually via an ‘Account Manager’ who will promise to make you a high return on your investment
  • Ponzi or Multi-level Marketing Scheme: usually involves making referrals and promises of high returns
  • Romance: someone you met online feigning interest in you for financial gain
  • Purchase of goods or services: Gift cards, AirBNB, vehicle, fake exchange or store, lottery or contest
  • Employment/job: where someone offered you a job and asked you to use Kraken to transfer funds
If relevant, we strongly advise that you reach out to your local law enforcement agency to report this matter.
We will email you instructions for immediate action after submission of this ticket.