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Futures contracts trading suspensions & delistings
Kraken Futures may temporarily suspend trading in and/or permanently delist futures contracts from our platform at any time.
These actions are not taken lightly and will generally only occur in exceptional circumstances.

What would cause a suspension or delisting?

Temporary trading suspensions or contract delistings may occur for a variety of reasons to ensure a fair and orderly market.
Some examples that may lead to suspension/delisting:
  • Extreme volatility
  • Hard forks
  • Issues with the general operations of a contract’s underlying asset
  • Issues with a contract’s underlying index
  • Regulatory or legal concerns
When possible, we will notify clients in advance via platform notification and our status page.
We reserve the right to take these actions without advance notice in extenuating circumstances.

Temporary Trading Suspension

In the event of a disorderly market we may temporarily set a contract to “post-only”.
“Post-only” means that only limit orders that do not cross the order book can be placed. During the post-only period, no executions or liquidations can occur until after the post-only mode is removed.
It is possible that, upon placing a temporary suspension on the trading of a futures contract of an asset, the spot market of such asset becomes sufficiently orderly, in which case trading of the futures contract may be re-enabled.
In some cases Kraken Futures may delist a futures contract shortly after a temporary suspension has been placed.

Contract Delisting

On occasion Kraken Futures may delist a contract due to one or more of the reasons outlined above.
A contract delisting involves the complete suspension of trading, settlement of the contract and removal of the contract from the platform indefinitely.
A fair and reasonable settlement price will be determined by Kraken at our sole discretion. Contracts may be settled with a volume-weighted and time-segmented TWAP methodology that incorporates deviation safeguards to spot transactions.
A contract may be set to “post-only” prior to delisting, however this is not a guarantee.

Delisted Futures Contracts

The settlement prices are calculated by applying a volume weighted, time segmented TWAP methodology that incorporate deviation safeguards to spot transactions observed in the underlying spot markets operated on the constituent exchanges in a 60-minute observation period.
The table below details delisted contracts and their settlement prices:
SymbolFirst TradingLast TradingSettlement PriceObserved Spot MarketsConstituent ExchangesObservation Period
PF_DEFIUSD8-Jun-202229-Dec-2023359.27 USDCF DeFi Composite IndexCF DeFi Composite Index15 to 16 London time
PF_LUNAUSD22-Mar-202212-May-20220.107 USDLUNA/USD(T)Kraken, FTX & Binance9 to 10 London time
PF_SRMUSD14-Sep-202215-Nov-20220.2905 USDSRM/USDKraken & Binance US15 to 16 London time