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Am I able to deposit ERC-20 tokens to my Ethereum (ETH) deposit address?
You cannot deposit ERC-20 tokens to your ETH (Unified) deposit addresses on your Kraken account. Each cryptocurrency, including any ERC-20 tokens we list, have their own deposit addresses.
You can only deposit ERC-20 tokens that we have listed. All ERC-20 Tokens on Kraken use a shared address.
For example, when generating an Augur (REP) address the same address will be generated for other listed ERC-20 tokens.
ETH (Unified) and the ERC-20 tokens we have listed use the same address format so be careful not to confuse your ETH generated address with your ERC-20 token deposit addresses. It’s important to only deposit the token to the address it was generated for. Any other tokens deposited to your address will not be credited and will not be recovered.
You can view a list of ERC-20 tokens we have listed here.
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