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Subaccounts on Kraken Futures
Clients can now request to link accounts under the same name in a master account and subaccount structure. Linking accounts together has two benefits:
  1. 1
    Volume is grouped together for the Fee Schedule Volumes.
  2. 2
    Funds can be instantly moved between master account and the subaccounts.
How can I add subaccounts to my master account?
Complete the following process:
  • Create a new Kraken account for the subaccount and verify it to Intermediate/Pro (personal clients) or Pro (business clients).
  • Unlock futures trading from the subaccount.
  • Submit a Kraken Futures support ticket from the master account email address requesting the accounts to be linked. Be sure to specify the email address associated with the Kraken SSO account you wish to add as a subaccount.
  • An email will be sent to the subaccount to confirm the linking of the accounts.
  • Once confirmed the accounts will be linked.
Note: the subaccount must match the master account and must be eligible for futures trading
How do I find my subaccount tab?
After completing the previous process, you should be able to see 'subaccounts' as an option on the dropdown in the top-right hand corner. Alternatively, you can visit https://futures.kraken.com/trade/subaccounts
From here you can see the subaccounts window:
The transfer dialogue will allow you to move funds as follows:
  • master account to subaccount
  • subaccount to subaccount
  • subaccount to master account
You can move funds to and from the Holding wallet and Futures wallets without incurring any fees.
****Please note, any movements to or from the Futures wallet on any account will have an impact on the leverage and liquidation price for any open positions.*****
Important things to note
  • API keys are generated and controlled separately on each subaccount.
  • API Rate Limits are managed separately per account.
  • Positions are margined on the subaccount level.
  • Sign-Ins are separate for each subaccount.
  • Withdrawals from subaccounts are blocked, clients will need to move funds back to the master account in order to withdraw funds out of Kraken Futures.
This is a first version of subaccounts - more functionality will be added over time.