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How to find your account number (Public Account ID)

Your Public Account ID can be found under the Profile icon and then Settings. On the next page click on Account and here you will find your Public Account ID. It is 16 characters long, starts with "AA" and uses numbers and upper-case letters.


Finding your Public Account ID on the Kraken app

To find your Public Account ID on the Kraken app, go to the App settings tab, click on Account details and your account number will appear. You can tap it to copy the ID to your clipboard as well.


Public Account ID vs Username

The purpose of the public account ID is so that you can keep your sign-in username private if you choose to.

Public Account IDUsername
Created by Kraken (automatically) during account creationChosen by you during account creation
Used for discussing your account with 3rd parties (including Kraken Support)Used only for sign-in
Cannot be changedCannot be changed