Generate API Keys

In order to use the API, you need to generate a pair of unique API keys under the Settings in the navigation pane on the right. This will generate:

Your api_key :

Example rRra59qKQs3y1egAgSaG0RJlBcbq97wTUXSxXxPdhRZdv7z9ijZRWgrf

Your api_secret :

Example rttp4AzwRfYEdQ7R7X8Z/04Y4TZPa97pqCypi3xXxAqftygftnI6H9yGV+O

There are two options when generating API keys with differing levels of access:

  1. General APIs:
    • No Access: This key does not allow any access to any endpoints. (This option could be selected if you only wanted a key with access to withdraw digital assets.)
    • Read Only: This is a read-only key and allows accessing only endpoints that do not write to the server.
    • Full Access: This is a master key and allows accessing all endpoints, excluding digital asset withdrawals.
  2. Withdrawal API:
    • No Access: This key is does not allow access to digital asset withdrawals.
    • Full Access: This key allows access to digital asset withdrawals.

Please take a note of these keys as they will no longer be shown the next time the page is reloaded. Up to 50 keys can be created with distinct nonces.

API keys should be kept in a safe location and should never be shared with anyone. If you are not absolutely certain that you can store your Master api_secret in a safe place, do not generate it.