Generate API Keys

In order to use the API, you need to generate a pair of unique API keys:

1. Login to your Kraken Futures.

2. Click on your profile (email address) on the upper-right corner.

3. Select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

4. Select the "Create Key" tab in the API panel.

5. There are two options when generating API keys with differing levels of access:

General API:

  • No Access: This key does not allow any access to any endpoints. (This option could be selected if you only wanted a key with access to withdraw digital assets.)
  • Read Only: This is a read-only key and allows accessing only endpoints that do not write to the server.
  • Full Access: This is a master key and allows accessing all endpoints, excluding digital asset withdrawals.

Withdrawal API:

  • No Access: This key is does not allow access to digital asset withdrawals.
  • Full Access: This key allows access to digital asset withdrawals.

6. Press the "Create Key" button.

7. View your Public and Private keys and record them somewhere safe.

Your api_key (Public key):

Example rRra59qKQs3y1egAgSaG0RJlBcbq97wTUXSxXxPdhRZdv7z9ijZRWgrf

Your api_secret (Private key):

Example rttp4AzwRfYEdQ7R7X8Z/04Y4TZPa97pqCypi3xXxAqftygftnI6H9yGV+O

The private key is shown only once! You cannot go back and view it again later.

API keys should be kept in a safe location and should never be shared with anyone.

If you are not absolutely certain that you can store your API private key in a safe place, do not generate it.

Up to 50 keys can be created with distinct nonces.