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Ticker symbols

Futures and Holding Wallets

AccountTicker Symbols
Holding WalletsCash
Bitcoin-Dollar Futures Margin WalletFI_BTCUSD*
Ether-Dollar Futures Margin WalletFI_ETHUSD
Litecoin-Dollar Futures Margin WalletFI_LTCUSD
Ripple-Dollar Futures Margin WalletFI_XRPUSD
BitcoinCash-Dollar Futures Margin WalletFI_BCHUSD
Multi-Collateral WalletFLEX

Contract Pairs

Ticker symbols are defined as:

<Product Code>_<Currency Pair>_<Maturity Date (if applicable)>

Ticker Code SegmentExplanation
<Product Code>

FI = Fixed Maturity Inverse Futures

PI = Perpetual Inverse Futures

FF = Fixed Maturity Linear Futures

PF = Perpetual Linear Multi-Collateral Futures

IN = Real Time Index

RR = Reference Rate

<Currency Pair>    <Numerator Currency><Denominator Currency>
<Maturity Date>    <YYMMDD> (If Applicable)


PF_SOLUSD -> Perpetual Linear Multi-Collateral Futures on Solana-Dollar

FI_BTCUSD_171215 -> Inverse Bitcoin-Dollar Futures, maturing 16:00 London time on 15 Dec 2017

FI_XRPUSD_171215 -> Inverse Ripple-Dollar Futures, maturing 16:00 London time on 15 Dec 2017

PI_BCHUSD -> Perpetual Inverse Futures on BitcoinCash-Dollar

FF_ETHUSD_230728 -> Linear Ethereum-Dollar Futures, maturing 08:00 UTC on 28 July 2023

IN_XBTUSD -> Bitcoin-Dollar Real Time Index

RR_XBTUSD -> Bitcoin-Dollar Reference Rate

Contract symbols listed in the example may differ from what are currently available. However, the ticker symbol naming convention is the same for all clients.

*Note: XBT is used for logs download and Futures API only