Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) replay deposits

Note: We are delisting Bitcoin SV (BSV). Deposits will be disabled on April 22, trading will cease April 29 and withdrawals will be available until May 31. See our blog post for more information. 

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV)?

BCH and BSV are two cryptocurrencies that resulted from the November 15th, 2018 Bitcoin Cash hard fork. BCH follows the Bitcoin Cash upgrade roadmap published by (Bitcoin ABC), while BSV follows the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) roadmap.

Kraken credited all clients that held BCH at the time of the fork with an equivalent amount of BSV and enabled trading of BSV. Read more on our blog.

Can I deposit BCH and BSV?

Yes, Kraken has re-enabled deposits and withdrawals for BCH on November 22nd and at the same time enabled BSV deposits and withdrawals. See our status page for updates.

Are deposit addresses for BCH and BSV shared?

Yes, deposit addresses for BCH and BSV are shared. This means that generating a BCH deposit address will result in generating the same deposit address for BSV, and vice versa.

BCH deposit addresses you already have generated are also available as BSV deposit addresses.

BCH and BSV do not have replay protection, will that be a problem?

BCH and BSV not having replay protection means that any un-split BCH or BSV you send to your Kraken account will be replayed on the other chain. 

In other words, sending a non-replay protected BCH or BSV transaction to a Kraken deposit address will result in both BCH and BSV being transferred.

Disclaimer: We will only credit BSV when the deposit transaction has been broadcast on the Bitcoin SV chain. We can provide no guarantees or assurances that any transaction can or will be replayed, and it is the responsibility of the sender to confirm that a transaction will be broadcast on both chains.

Converting between cashaddress and legacy addresses

We do not currently have support for the cashaddress format for BCH and BSV and are only using the legacy address format. If your wallet software no longer supports the legacy format, you have to convert the address to the cashaddress format to deposit to your Kraken account from your wallet. For withdrawals, you have to convert the address to the legacy format.