New coin listing requests

We have a team that researches cryptocurrency projects and if a project catches our interest and meets our checklist of requirements, we'll reach out to the project developers.

Here's how you can get involved in the process if you're a developer or fan of a coin project.

For coin developers:

  • You can email us all the details of your project to (only a developer or project team member may use this email).
  • Make sure to give us as much information as possible about your project.
  • Given the high volume of requests, our responses will be delayed.
  • Emailing us does not increase the chances of listing with us in any way.

For coin enthusiasts/traders:

  • If you are interested in any particular coin to be listed on Kraken, feel free to share this link with the respective developers.

Please do not open a support ticket or Live Chat for new coin listings, as this is not something our Client Services team can help with.