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My authenticator app 2FA code doesn't work ('Invalid code' / 'Permission denied' error)
There are two common reasons why the 2FA code from your phone's authenticator app won't work.
  1. 1
    Out-of-sync Time If you have access to your 2FA codes but are receiving an 'Invalid login' message, please update the time settings on your phone from Manual to Automatic and ensure the correct code is being used.
  2. 2
    Mixing up multiple 2FAs We allow clients to create 2FAs for four different account functions:
    If you create 2FA for more than one of these functions, please make sure they are properly labelled within your authenticator app so you know which code is for what.
Note: If you regenerate a specific 2FA function you will need to remove the old entry from the Authenticator to avoid confusion. 
  • On iPhone: click the pencil icon in the upper right corner, select the 2FA function you would like to delete and then click "Delete" at the bottom of the screen.
  • On Android: hold down on the 2FA you wish to remove then hit the bin icon in the upper right corner.
By default, below is how the 2FA codes will appear when scanned into Google Authenticator (your username will also appear next to the label of each 2FA function):