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YubiKey compatibility

Our website works with YubiKeys that are using the OTP or FIDO2 protocol.You can find an overview made by Yubico, of the 2FA devices that currently work with Kraken here.

YubiKey NFC on mobile devices
Since the YubiKey 5/NEO NFC can't be directly plugged into mobile devices like a phone or tablet, it uses NFC to communicate with the YubiKey Authenticator app. The app then generates an OTP code which you can copy into your phone’s clipboard.

To paste this code on the Kraken Sign-in 2FA page (after entering your username and password), you will need to click the YubiKey One-time Passcode link.


YubiKey NFC can also be used directly with the new Kraken App for two-factor authentication by following our set up guide.

Note: With an iPhone, an NFC YubiKey must be held next to the camera lens module. 

YubiKey Manager: Custom Configurations
It is not possible to set up a YubiKey for Kraken using the custom configuration option within YubiKey Manager

If you tried to add a custom configuration, please delete it and then follow our Security Key setup instructions. Only afterwards can you swap the configuration between Slot 1 and Slot 2 (if so desired).

Do not try to edit the configuration created by Kraken. It will prevent your YubiKey setup from working with your Kraken account and you will need to delete it and start over again.