Tips for scanning or photographing ID documents

Here are some tips for taking scans/photos that will meet our image requirements.

If using a scanner to create a scan:

  1. Place the ID in the middle of the scanner so that all four edges of the ID are clearly visible.
    • Do NOT place the ID against one of the corners or sides of the scanner.
  2. Place a dark sheet of paper (or a dark covered book or cloth) on top of the ID.
  3. Scan the ID.
  4. Crop the scan to fit the ID, leaving around a half inch of space around the edges of the ID.

If using a camera to take a photo:

  1. Place the ID on a dark surface.
  2. Use sufficient, natural lighting instead of a flash. It's best if the photo is taken during the daytime.
  3. Take photo as directly above the ID as possible. Be sure that your shadow does not cover your ID.
  4. Make sure that:
    • All four edges of your ID are visible within the image.
    • All information on the ID is clear & legible -- no details are blurred or covered.