Why am I getting invalid nonce errors?

Since the nonce must increase with every request, you may run into problems when trying to make simultaneous requests (or requests in rapid succession). Requests might not arrive in the same order they were sent, and if the second request (with a higher nonce) arrives before the first request (with a lower nonce), the first request will be rejected when it finally arrives.

An invalid nonce will count against you and cause you to get locked out faster.


  1. Increase/widen the nonce window on your API keys. We recommend you set the window so it can handle 10-15 seconds (i.e. 5-10 out of order API calls).
  2. Create multiple API keys and use a different key for each request, since nonce values are saved separately for each API key. So for example, if trying to cancel multiple orders at once, the actual order the requests arrive in doesn't matter and thus multiple API keys can be used.
  3. If using multiple machines, create a separate API key for each machine. Because if two or more machines are using the same API key and their clocks become out of sync, this can cause nonces from these machines to also fall out of order.