What is a nonce window?

If you go to edit your API key settings in your account, you will see the option to set a nonce window. We recommend that you set it for a 10-15 second window. 

The purpose of the nonce window is that if a nonce is received with a count lower than a nonce used within the calculated time (e.g. 10-15 seconds), it will not count against you.

The nonce window you will need to set depends on how you are generating your nonces. 

If the nonce is time-based, then you do it like this:

  • If 1 tick = 1 millisecond, then you have 1000 ticks/second and you would enter 10000 for a 10 second window. 
  • If 1 tick = 100 nanoseconds, then you would enter 10000000 for 10 seconds.

If the nonce is counter based and advances by 1 every time, then you do it like this:

  • Suppose you want to accommodate calls up to a max rate of 5 per second. Then for a 10 second window, you would enter 50 (5x10) for the nonce window.