Generating new deposit addresses

In order to generate a deposit address for any digital asset/cryptocurrency on Kraken:

1. Login to your Kraken account.

2. Go to "Funding" > "Deposit" page.

3. Select the digital asset/cryptocurrency of your choice from the left-side menu.

4. Read and follow the instructions closely.

5. Click the button that says "Generate New Address".


6. Wait a few seconds (you may have to reload the page) and a new deposit address will be available.



The generated digital assets/cryptocurrency address can be selected and used for making deposits to your Kraken account.

You can also view a QR code to easily scan the deposit address into a mobile wallet.

There are no limits to how many times you can use a deposit address, but generating more than 5 deposit addresses for a particular digital asset/cryptocurrency will result in older deposit addresses expiring.