Ticker pairs

A Ticker is a report of the price for certain pairs which are the two assets needed in order to establish a trade, for example the trading pair BTCEUR.

A "tick" is any variation on the asks/bids prices and will be returned along with other parameters like volume, daily opening price, number of trades and others.

This Ticker example will pull all current pairs listed on Kraken.com, feel free to add more pairs as they're deployed to our platform.


You can pull the complete list of our assets's pairs from the AssetPairs public call and look for the pair name as the entry of the Json headers or by the parameter "altname":


For example, if we look at the response entry: 


You can perform two different calls and receive the same responses:



The X and Z in front of some pairs is a classification system, which will not be used for the newest coins, where X stands for cryptocurrency based assets while Z is for fiat based assets.