Image requirements for ID documents

We accept any of the following ID documents to verify your account to Tier 3:

  • Passport
  • Driver license
  • National identity document

Other valid government-issued ID may be accepted if it has your full legal name, photo, date of birth, and issue and expiry dates all on the front of your ID.

Firearm licenses are not accepted.

For US clients, only US govt.-issued IDs are accepted for USD funding.

What is an acceptable ID scan/photo for Tier 3 Verification?

Full color image: We require a full color image of your ID, free from any alteration or watermark. Black and white scan, photocopy, or screen shot of the ID image is not acceptable.

Legibility: All information on the ID must be clear and readable. We cannot accept ID documents that are torn, badly damaged, or have holes within the ID area.

Uncropped ID: At least 1 cm (or 1/2 inch) of background should be visible all around the ID. No edges should be cropped — not even by a little bit.

In addition to the points above, US clients' IDs must meet the following requirements:

Background: The edges of the ID must be clearly visible on a contrasting background (e.g. a dark background for a light colored driver license).

Lighting: Use sufficient lighting without glare or reflections showing on the ID image or covering any portion of it. A photo taken with flash ON may not be accepted if the glare covers any essential information on the ID.

Orientation: ID must be in upright position, not rotated sideways or upside-down. Take the photo directly above the ID lying on a flat surface, not tilted sideways or any other angle. The ID should occupy most of the image/picture without too much space around the ID area. 

Please click here for tips on how to get the scan/photo just right.

Example of the an ideal scan/photo:



Unacceptable Examples

ID is too blurry



ID edges are not visible


Even a little bit of crop is not OK...


ID is not in color



Background is not contrasting