Digital assets and cryptocurrencies available on Kraken (and their currency codes)

Below are the digital assets and cryptocurrencies we currently support on our exchange and trading platform.

Name Code on Code on Symbol
Auger REP same Ɍ
Bitcoin XBT BTC ฿
Bitcoin Cash BCH same ฿
Cardano ADA same
Dash DASH same Đ
Dogecoin XDG DOGE Ð
EOS EOS same Ȅ
Ethereum ("Ether") ETH same Ξ
Ethereum Classic ETC same ξ
Gnosis GNO same Ğ
Iconomi ICN same none
Litecoin LTC same Ł
Melon MLN same M
Monero XMR same ɱ
Quantum QTUM same
Ripple XRP same Ʀ
Stellar Lumens XLM same *
Tether USDT same
Tezos XTZ same  ꜩ
Zcash ZEC same


To see which currencies can be directly traded with each other, see Available currency pairs on Kraken.

To see which currencies can be traded using margin, see Margin currency pairs on Kraken.