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Cryptocurrency withdrawal statuses
Withdrawals for cryptocurrencies are labelled with a status to inform you of the stage of processing they are in.
This article refers to the Kraken Classic interface. 
Below is a list of these withdrawal statuses and what they mean: 
StatusMeaningAction to take
The withdrawal has been requested and our system is performing internal checks. Takes up to 10 minutes. 
Internal checks are complete, withdrawal transaction is sent to payment gateway for processing. Takes up to 10 minutes.
Withdrawal transaction has been broadcasted to the respective digital assets network and is waiting for a blockchain confirmation.None.
The withdrawal has received one confirmation on its respective digital assets network.
The withdrawal has been held and has to be manually checked by our support staff.
Contact Support. We may also reach out to you.
The withdrawal has failed.
To see the failure reason click on the withdrawal ID and check the "Error" field.
Note: To request a withdrawal cancellation click the grey `X` next to the withdrawal. A withdrawal cancellation can only be requested while on “Initiated” and “Pending” status. A cancellation request while on pending status is not guaranteed to cancel the withdrawal.

How long do cryptocurrency withdrawals take?

This depends on the above processes at Kraken as well as the number of blockchain confirmations required by the destination you're sending your withdrawal to.