Using a YubiKey for two-factor authentication (2FA)

A Yubikey is a hardware device that can be used as a Two-factor Authentication (2FA) method on your Kraken account for login, deposits & withdrawals, and as a Master Key, to provide another layer of account security.

Yubikeys are not compatible with Trading 2FA until we implement FIDO U2F support.

How to set up a Yubikey for Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

1. Make sure your Yubikey meets our compatibility requirements.

2. Log in to your Kraken account.

3. Click on the "Security" tab and click the "On/Off" dial under "Login", "Deposits & Withdrawals", or "Master Key".


4. Click on the “SET IT UP” button for “Yubikey”.


5. Insert your Yubikey into an available USB port on your machine. 

6. Place the cursor in the empty field. Touch or tap your Yubikey. The empty field will be filled by the Yubikey.


7. Place the cursor in the empty field a second time. Touch or tap your Yubikey. This will register your Yubikey to your Kraken account. 


8. Depending on which action you set up 2FA for, the "On/Off" dial will be green and show “ON”, and in this case, "Yubikey" will be shown as the method.  Below, is how it will look for login, but if set up for other actions, it will look the same.


9. Congratulations, you have secured your Kraken account! You have successfully used a Yubikey to set up 2FA for "Login", "Deposits & Withdrawals", or as a "Master Key" on your account!