Setting up the Global Settings Lock (GSL)

The Global Settings Lock (GSL) is a security feature that, for a user-determined amount of days:

  1. prevents changes being made to your Kraken account settings, and
  2. hides sensitive account information from view.

If enabled, an attacker who compromises a Kraken account is unable to:

  • modify your account,
  • add withdrawal addresses, or
  • change the email address registered on the account.

For more information on the Global Settings Lock, click here.

Important: Before setting up a GSL, be sure to create a Master key in case you change your mind. A Master key has the ability to turn the GSL off at any time. Client support will be unable to remove a GSL from your account before it's expiration date.

How to set up the Global Settings Lock (GSL)

1. Log in to your Kraken account.

2. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab, and then click on “Account”.


3. Locate the "Global Settings Lock" at the bottom of the page and click the "On" button, which will turn green.


4. Set the amount of days that you want the Global Settings Lock to be active for, by manually entering a number from 0-30.


Warning: If you choose to set the GSL on your account for ‘0’ days, the Global Settings Lock will remain ‘on’ indefinitely and the Master key will be the only way you can turn it off.

The Master key can only be created before the GSL is turned on. Once GSL is on, you will not be able to create a Master key.

If you set the GSL to ‘0’ days (i.e. forever) and forgot to set up a Masterkey, you'll need to contact our support team to get the GSL removed.

5. Click the green "Update Settings" button, enabling the Global Settings Lock and completing the set up.