What is an Authenticator App?

An Authenticator app is an application that can be used to set up Two-factor Authentication on a Kraken account. The app generates 6-8 digit one-time passcodes that you can require for logins, as well as performing certain actions such as trading, depositing or withdrawing from your account.

If you just want to learn how to set up an Authenticator app for Two-factor Authentication (2FA), click here.

What does an Authenticator app do?

An Authenticator app produces one-time passcodes from a so-called authenticator secret code that is shared between the service you are using and your device. An Authenticator app can be used to enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for login, deposits & withdrawals, and trading on a Kraken account. An Authenticator app can also be used to set up a Master Key.

Where can I get an Authenticator app?

There are a variety of Authenticator apps that you can download for your smartphone.

A popular example is Google Authenticator, which can be found in Google Play and the iOS App Store. Open source alternatives include FreeOTP Authenticator and andOTP.

What is the best option for Two-factor Authentication (2FA)?

An Authenticator app is a secure and convenient option that is used by many of our clients. However, there are a few reasons why a Yubikey may be a better option.